At this time of year it becomes very apparent that elements (like ice and snow) impact the life span of your business sign. Before deciding on a sign, it is always important to consider how external variables will effect your signage. Variables include:

  1. Temperature
  2. Climate
  3. Pollutants
  4. Maintenance/Cleaning

For businesses in Edmonton, Alberta, it is important to consider the range of temperatures your sign will be exposed to. Depending on the location of your sign and whether it is protected from the elements or not, it could be exposed to freezing cold temperatures and heavy snowfall in the winter and extreme heat and sun rays in the summer. Temperature and climate have the potential to wear down, crack, and fade signs. Pollutants are another factor that can shorten the life span of a sign. Pollutants can leave behind a rusty, crusty coating that erodes the overlaminate. Of course, all these elements will effect your sign differently depending on how much maintenance and cleaning you are willing to do.

Every business sign should be customized for the specific needs of a client and their business. However, we want to share a few great examples of outdoor and highly durable signs that hold up in Edmonton’s climate:

Stainless steel letters and signs are not only strong and durable but also scratch resistant. Stainless steel is an excellent material choice for outdoor signs located in a harsh climate or in an industrial environment. K-Rite Construction’s sign is an example of the unsurpassed detailed appearance stainless steel materials can offer. 

Aluminum signs are undoubtably sturdy, weatherproof, lightweight and easily cut to any size. It’s no wonder aluminum is used for traffic signage! Aluminum signage can also be surprisingly attractive and versatile. River Valley Dental‘s beautiful aluminum reception sign would work just as well outside as it does indoors.

Acrylic letters and signs are highly durable, completely waterproof and ideal for a lighted display. They have a high tolerance for both cold and hot weather. Integra Tire in Red Deer, Alberta recently had a signage makeover with LED channel letters and pin mounted acrylic letters.  

Make sure you consider the different factors that effect the life span of your sign. PM Signs can help you access your sign needs and create a long-lasting, eye-catching sign to help boost your business! Contact us today.