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National Reach, Local Feel.

PM Signs offers full-service, turn-key signage solutions to clients across Canada. We elevate your brand with eye-catching, modern signs that stand apart from the rest.


Our four locations allow us to proudly provide industry-leading and locally focused services to businesses of all sizes. Our locations: Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina.



From concept to execution, PM Signs has you covered.

  • Concept Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Delivery & Installation

Featured Projects

Our dedicated team will oversee your entire project, from the initial vision to the final product (and beyond). We create signs for all industries, from Food + Beverage, to Retail, to Sports + Entertainment, and everything in between.

Wherever we go, whether it’s a four-hour drive or a four-minute walk, we see signs everywhere around us. There are street signs and billboards and awnings and more – all catching our attention whether we want them to or not. The reason for this is their size, attention-grabbing colours, and remarkable customizations. If you’re in need of a custom sign for your storefront, highway, construction zone, or anything else, we have the expertise to get the job done perfectly.

PM Signs offers full-service, modern signage solutions to clients anywhere in Canada. Our custom signage services enable your business to stand out from the crowd with an elevated brand identity and boosted reach to customers.

PM Signs Services

We have expertise with signs from conception to execution, and our services reflect this. We’ll be with you every step of the way through sign design, manufacturing, and installation, even for electric signage. All of our services begin with a free quote and consultation to determine exactly what you’re looking for before you commit so much as a dime. We take the time to get to know your business and your brand so that we can design the right sign on the right budget.

Our signs are guaranteed to provide a competitive advantage over the local competition and take your business to the next level. Our full suite of signage services ensure that you receive top-level design, manufacture, and install services. Let’s take a quick look at what’s included with each service:

Sign Design

Every business needs at least one sign, but often chooses to advertise using plenty more. Since every business uses at least one sign to draw the attention of customers, you deserve a sign that draws more attention than the rest. Our top-tier designers will work closely with you to design a sign that matches your brand, builds your brand’s reputation, and engages with more customers. Beyond the aesthetic, our designers focus on the architectural integrity of your signs, as well the compliance with all local bylaws and structural regulations to ensure that you receive a balance of beauty and safety.

Sign Manufacturing

At PM Signs, we don’t consider meeting industry standards a success. Rather, we strive to exceed these standards and manufacture signs that go beyond the standard. Each of our clients expects and deserves the exceptional, and we deliver. With a combination of rigorous training, incredible skill, and industry-leading equipment, we provide professional, effective results every single time. All of our signs are manufactured 100% in house, and we perform quality checks every step of the way.

Sign Installation

The installation of your sign is as important as the design and construction stages. Especially for the larger sign types, the use of the right equipment, paired with skill and expertise on behalf of our technicians, ensures that your sign is delivered and installed without a hitch. We stay on schedule, on budget, and install your sign securely for long-term use.

If industry-leading signage services sound good to you, request a quote today!