PM Signs - Safety


PM Signs Corporation is committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for all staff, subcontractors and public in our work areas. We are continuously learning through training to improve safety culture within PM Signs. Safety is everyone’s responsibility and our daily goal is everyone goes home safe at the end of each day.

PM Signs Corporation has maintained a Certificate of Recognition for 14+ years through the Alberta Construction Safety Association.  PM Signs Corporation is also certified and approved with safety registries such as ISNetworld, Comply Works, and Avetta.

We have a full time Health and Safety Coordinator (NCSO) in our Edmonton branch that oversees the safety of all 4 branches and maintains the registries as well as training as required, orientations, Personal Protective Equipment (CSA Standards) and all safety requirements within PM Signs. We annually recertify with Petroleum Orientated Safety Training (POST), SHELL and HUSKY safety orientations.

Here at PM Signs, safety is incredibly important to us, both for our employees and our customers. Many of the signs we make are quite large, so there’s a particular need for advanced safety protocols during manufacturing and installation to keep everyone safe. We conduct regular and rigorous safety inspections to ensure that every rule is being followed during the manufacturing process, and our training is safety-focused from start to finish.

To keep the public safe, our signs are manufactured and installed with regard to all industry best practices to ensure that they are made and installed in a way that severely limits the potential for a hazard. Our electrical team is incredibly skilled and very well trained to ensure that any electrical signage is designed, manufactured, installed, maintained, and repaired with safety as a top concern.  

Since the signs we deal with are often larger-than-life, they require skill, precision, and high-level expertise to install them properly. They also require certain pieces of large equipment, especially when being installed high above our heads, like on a storefront or a beside a highway for motorists. The signs we manufacture are as heavy as they are large, so every step of the way we need to be following proper procedures to prevent injuries. Plus, there are special fasteners and tools required to install these large and heavy signs securely.

Even the smaller street signs, safety signs, and smaller fabric banners can be extremely dangerous if not installed properly. Just imagine the havoc that a flying banner could wreak on a busy laneway. Ground-level signs must be installed with fittings or posts that go a certain distance into the ground to be secure, and a mistake can have severe consequences when strong winds come along. They must also be visible and out of the way of traffic and pedestrians to be safe.  

No matter which type of sign you’ve requested, we will ensure that it is durable, safe, and installed correctly so as not to pose a danger to you, your customers, or the general public. We take safety seriously so you don’t have to.