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Epic signs need epic space. With multiple 16,000 square feet manufacturing facilities, we can tackle you project – no matter the size. Every sign is created 100% in-house.

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What Is Sign Manufacturing?

Sign manufacturing is the physical process of constructing signs from design plans. It requires a lot of diverse skills, materials, and equipment. Every sign type will have a different manufacturing process. Some sign types could be built by individuals, like window graphics that don’t require any manual labor (it’s all done by computers and machinery), or large teams will be needed to work with multiple material types and put large frames together.

Sign manufacturing will require the most space and will be the most expensive part of a custom sign project. This is because the cost of materials will be high, and the amount of labor required for this step is greater than both design, installation, and maintenance. Sometimes, sign manufacturers will even need to hire outside help to make signs with certain materials. Experts like masons can be incredibly useful when forming a sign entirely of stone, since they have dedicated their careers to perfecting their art. No matter what type of custom sign you’re looking for or how complex the designs are, the right sign company will have a manufacturing team capable of bringing that vision to life as close to flawless as it can get.

What Does It Take to Be a Sign Manufacturer?

There are a few skills that sign manufacturers require that certainly won’t surprise you. The first of these attributes is physical strength. When your job revolves around shaping, cutting, and building with heavy materials, it is essential that your body can support that workload. It is also important for sign manufacturers to be unafraid of heights. They will spend a lot of time above ground level when constructing large-framed signs, so they need to be comfortable enough to focus on the task at hand. It is critical that large signs are made with care and attention to the little things in order for them to be safe and hold up against the forceful weather patterns that will be beating on them on a daily basis. Two skills that are highly valued in the industry for sign manufacturers include communication and the ability to work in a team. Since most sign types will require the efforts of multiple manufacturers at once, working effectively and efficiently will allow faster turnaround for custom signs, improve the client experience, and make the business more successful.

When it comes to education, there isn’t much required to be a sign manufacturer. Some individuals in the field will have bachelor’s degrees from universities and colleges, and some may even have a masters. However, approximately 75% of employees in the field will have no more than a high school education. Hands on experience is valued much more in this field.

Why Is Sign Manufacturing Important for a Sign Manufacturing Company?

When you think of sign manufacturing, it can refer to any type of sign construction with any type of material aside from paper and paperboard. The diversity is part of what makes an experienced manufacturing team so essential. Having a variety of skill sets allows a sign manufacturing company the opportunity to offer every sign type to their customers, instead of specializing in just a handful. This allows a sign company the opportunity to deal with every sector of business and spread their brand across the country.

Without the manufacturing component of a sign business, every sign would need to be commissioned through a different company and resold to the client. This would be an incredibly inefficient process, and the client would end up paying more money for the back and forth. Plus, the company the client hires would have no control over the quality of materials used for the sign or the integrity of its construction. Therefore, an on site manufacturing facility staffed by experienced sign manufacturers is crucial to the success of a sign manufacturing company. They are the backbone of the company and should be valued as such.

How Can a Sign Manufacturer Help Your Business?

Sign manufacturers are the people actually constructing your signage, so their craftsmanship will be the marker of your business. When they do a good job, your company will be extremely visible and appealing to both new and existing customers. Plus, a high quality sign can improve your customer experience. Graphics on your walls or windows can increase the aesthetic of your business and make visitors feel more comfortable in the environment. Eye-catching pylon signs and monuments can help people find your location and look on your business in a favorable way.

No matter what sign type you choose to have custom made, the sign manufactures on the ground building it for you have a lot of sway over how successful it is. Quality craftsmanship and materials tell customers how invested you are in your business and give them confidence in your brand overall. A shabby sign doesn’t produce the same effects, and likely wouldn’t have customers or clients returning to your business any time soon. It reflects poorly on your business as a whole, and that’s why the right sign manufacturer is so integral.

How Our Manufacturing Team Sets Us Apart

The manufacturing team at PM Signs is one of the best in the industry. Yes, we may be biased in saying that because they work for us, but each member was hand selected for a reason. Our team has accumulated decades of experience in the industry, with the expertise to construct every sign type from start to finish. We have built a manufacturing team that works well together, maintaining a positive environment and improving efficiency. We use only the best materials, and promise to deliver a safe, well build sign handmade in our own facility. With a 4200 sq. ft space to work in, there is never a project too large for us to handle. We promise to bring our best, every time. We value your business too much to deliver anything else.