Every year you should come up with new and exciting ways to wow customers. It’s easy for business owners to get caught up in the day-to-day demands of running a business and forget to really think about the customer experience. Sitting down with your staff and discussing ideas to attract and impress customers is a great start. Often employees that work on the frontline will have a deep understanding of the customer experience and how it can be improved. To help you kick off the conversation on how to thrill, surprise and delight customers this year, we’re sharing three major 2016 trends that will be sure to wow your customers.

1. Make it easier for customers to find what they want.

Make your customer’s shopping experience as easy and enjoyable as possible by using inside signage to direct or explain things they might want to know. Adding signs to indicate where in-demand items are located, what the store’s return policy is, or where to find the fitting rooms can easily enhance the customer experience and help persuade them to look and buy your items. Purposeful signs need to be clear and easily understood, whereas persuasive signs can be more fun. Both types should be consistent with your brand in terms of fonts, colors and design.

2. Be dynamic. 

Shoppers are bombarded with information all day long. Make it easy for customers to locate your store by capturing their attention by showing them something different by the minute. Dynamic messages and visuals always stand out from static signs.

3. Automate parts of your business. 

With all the technology available today, there are endless ways to automate your business to benefit your customers. If there are ways you can make your customer’s shopping experience quicker or easier, invest! This might mean updating your POS system or purchasing software to keep track of customer information.