Do you know all the Edmonton sign bylaws?
All the rules for sign size, location, material, and content?
We don’t expect you to – that’s our job!

Our professional staff are all well versed in Edmonton sign bylaws, so you can focus on the important message you want to get across and let us worry about the rest of the details.

Here are some very important reasons why you should always consult and work with a professional sign company when it comes to creating and implementing signs. Whether you want new signs for your place of business or promotional signs around the city, there is a lot to know about what you legally can and can’t do.

1) The City of Edmonton has a no tolerance enforcement program in effect. Placing a sign illegally on City of Edmonton property is a bylaw offence with a fine of $250. Just think of the extra detail you could add to your sign with that money!

2) It is possible to apply and receive permits that allow you to place appropriate signage in places that bylaws typically won’t allow. We have years of experience coordinating with the City and applying for permits. Don’t waste your valuable time trying to figure out how to navigate through permit applications – let us handle it for you! 

3) Bylaw technicalities can be hard to understand if you aren’t in the sign industry. For example, there are specific conditions for the placement of free-standing signs on a highway. One condition is that all signs must be mounted on an A-frame; another condition states signage must not obstruct pedestrian traffic. If you are wondering that these conditions really mean, you aren’t alone. We have made it our business to know how to handle bylaws and create and implement signs that abide by all City codes.

4) Even portable signs need a development permit to be on private property. Even if the sign is meant to be temporary, you still need a permit. 

Ready to let us take care of complex applications, permits and sign parameters? Give us a call today!