Melfort, Saskatchewan


Melfort Mall

Sign Type
  • Channel Letters

For Melfort Mall, the tenant signage includes various elements:

  1. Backstage: Two sets of front-lit channel letters are mounted on a backer panel, enhancing the visibility and branding of the store.
  2. Sasktel: A front-lit channel letter in the shape of the Sasktel logo is prominently displayed, serving as a recognizable identifier for the telecommunications company.
  3. Simply Computing Express: Front-lit channel letters are installed on a backer panel to showcase the Simply Computing Express brand, contributing to a visually appealing storefront.
  4. Sony: Another set of front-lit channel letters on a backer panel is used to display the Sony brand, attracting attention and reinforcing the store’s presence in the mall.
  5. Customer Pickup: A set of non-illuminated letters is utilized to indicate the location of the customer pickup area, providing clear direction for shoppers.

These signage elements collectively create an engaging and informative environment within Melfort Mall, ensuring that tenants are easily identifiable and their brands are effectively showcased.