Rootbar + Calgary Foot Clinic + Shay Danielle Permanent Makeup

Sign Type
  • Channel Letters
  • Interior

At Christie Crossing Shopping Centre in Calgary, PM Signs successfully completed signage projects for three tenants:

  1. Rootbar: PM Signs provided exterior channel letters and interior pin-mounted letters for Rootbar. The combination of these two types of signage ensures high visibility and brand representation both outside and inside the establishment.
  2. Calgary Foot Clinic: For the Calgary Foot Clinic, PM Signs installed exterior channel letters and interior pin-mounted letters, enhancing the clinic’s visibility and branding at its location within the shopping center.
  3. Shay Danielle Permanent Makeup: Shay Danielle Permanent Makeup’s exterior channel letters were installed by PM Signs, offering a striking and captivating display that showcases the business to passersby.

These comprehensive signage solutions showcase PM Signs’ commitment to delivering high-quality and customized signage that meets the unique needs of each tenant at Christie Crossing Shopping Centre.