Getting the ball rolling on new signage for you business may seem daunting at first, but it really is a straightforward process – especially if you are prepared. Here are a few tips that outline what you can do before entering into the process that will ensure your signage project is successful.


Jump onto Google (or since you are here, explore our products) to learn about the different options and styles available – make sure you are saving some images of signs that catch your eye. When you inform yourself, you are actively expediting the process; you will have a better understanding of the look you are going for and ultimately what your expectations are. During the first meeting, your signage team will be able to help you determine if the signage you are interested in works for your branding and application. 


There are many product options out there with varying costs; make sure you have a clear understanding on how much you have to spend on your signage. By having an idea of what you are willing to spend on your signage, your signage company will know what options and products are in the realm of possibility for your project. So, how much does a sign even cost? As a benchmark, externally illuminated signs typically start at $4,000, with their non-illuminated counterparts starting at $1,500. 


Give yourself ample time to have your signage installed. If you have a predetermined ‘signage-complete’ day that must be met (for instance, in preparation for a grand opening) you definitely will want to allow sufficient room in your schedule; as a rule of thumb, plan for 1.5 – 2 months. Manufacturing your sign is a relatively speedy phase (depending on if you need brand work done before production), the real delay that you will need to account for is the permitting. In larger cities, you are looking at a minimum 4-6 weeks to attain the necessary permits.

Heads up for our Edmonton-based clients: Did you know a new bylaw was introduced in May? Before the permitting process can begin you must have an additional site survey conducted!

With these three tips in mind you will be entering the process well-informed of the products available, your signage company will have a clear understanding of your needs, and your beautiful new signage will be installed without a hitch. If you are thinking about a new sign for your store-front, contact us today and we would be happy to drop by your shop for a free consultation!