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What Is Sign Installation?

PM Sign Installation

Sign installation is the process that gets your sign from the manufacturing facility to its final destination on your property. This includes transportation and the actual installation either in a specific spot on your property or directly to the façade of your building. Sign installation will require trucks for transportation, safety equipment to secure your sign and keep it protected during transport, and a qualified team of installation technicians with the equipment to install it securely and without damage. This is often the most exciting step for the clients and the sign employees alike, because it is the culmination of a lot of hard work and dedication to the project.


Some sign types will require a full team with multiple boom trucks and heavy-duty equipment. Others may only require an installation team of two and a single van to transport the sign. No matter what is required to get your sign installed, there is no project too large for experienced technicians.

What Does It Take to Be a Sign Installer?

Becoming a sign installer is not as simple as simply deciding it is a job you would enjoy and find satisfying. It can be dangerous work and it is a lot of responsibility, so there are some extra steps to take before applying for a job. First of all, a sign installer needs to graduate high school. While further education is not necessary, it is usually required that you do some additional course work at a trade or vocational school. Certifications in things like welding and electronics are certainly beneficial, although they aren’t required.


There are some skills and attributes that are also important for a sign installer to possess. First off, they must lack a fear of heights. Sign installers frequently spend time on top of buildings and high up in boom trucks, and it is important that they feel comfortable at those heights and can focus on their job. To become proficient in sign installation, most people will learn through an apprenticeship program. This gives them exposure to many different kinds of sign installations and prepares them for the demands of the business. It is a great way to find out whether or not you are suited to the career.

Why Is Sign Installation Important for a Sign Manufacturing Company?

Offering sign installation is the only way to completely wrap up a project. As a sign company, when you invest as much time and energy into a project as design and manufacturing takes, the last thing you want to do is hand off the completion of the project to another company. Plus, you want to be able to have your own employees handling the responsibility, so you know you can trust them. Installation is one of the most rewarding experiences a sign company and its team members get to experience, so including this service can only serve to boost moral and improve the success of the business.


Another major reason that a sign installation service is important for a sign manufacturing company is the client relationship. When a client hires you to design and manufacture their signage, they are placing a lot of trust in the employees and the company as a whole. It is therefore important to excel in every area, and actually finish the job. The installation process can be an emotional one for the client, and it is important for the sign company to experience those moments with their clients in order to improve and maintain the relationship.

How Can a Sign Installer Help Your Business?

Sign installers can do a lot for your business. The quality of their work and their care for your sign during transportation and installation is what gets your sign in place and visible to your customers. Their qualifications can help you feel confident that your sign is in good hands. At the end of the day, you are placing an extreme amount of trust in the installation team, as this can be quite a delicate process depending on the sign type. When things get more complicated, there will be a greater number of people involved; we can tell you from experience that watching a unified team in motion is quite a powerful thing.


Since the installation team members take on so much of the responsibility of completing the sign project, they have a big hand in the future success of your business. Installing signage properly means that customers will be attracted to your business and spread the word. Installing sing types like awnings and canopies securely keeps your customers safe and builds their trust in you. Would you return to a business that had a sign fall down on you? We didn’t think so. Sign installers also often double as maintenance technicians since they are on the road so often anyways, so that is another benefit to your business.

How Our Installation Team Sets Us Apart

When it comes to sign installation, the quality of the team is priority number one. At PM Signs, we take pride in the quality of our staff; we hire only individuals with integrity and passion for their work, the hallmarks that have represented and built this company over the last 40+ years. We are incredibly proud to be able to offer every client an experienced installation team that cares as much for the product as you do.


Not only will we install all standard sign types with professionalism and extreme care, but we specialize in electrical signage. Installing illuminated signage in a safe and appealing way is not always an easy task, especially when there are complex components and unique installation requirements. Our expertise in the electrical industry helps set us apart from every other sign company out there, and that is something we hope you appreciate. With a large team of certified installation technicians, 5 elevated platform lifts, 15 service vans, and 20 aerial boom and bucket trucks, we have the team and the equipment needed to perfect your sign installation every time.