With fun branding and tonnes of foot traffic,
investing in quality school signage is a no brainer!

To commemorate the end of the first month back at school here are some of our latest school signage projects:

Popular Signage for Schools:

Digital boards and redo track letter boards, with a double sided led cabinet on top with the school name are popular choices for signs. The biggest trends right now for schools looking to update their signage include using eye-catching brick posts and simple designs that really help them stand out from neighbouring schools. Our design team will work with your school logo to ensure it stands out effectively on your selected signage style!

Navigating the Signage Process:

Working with PM means that you won’t have to worry about the permitting that goes along with installs, figuring out electrical, or dealing with the local bylaws pertaining to digital boards. We keep the process simple for you, from project start through to maintenance.

We Love Working with Schools!

Working with PM is a great excuse for a field trip too! Our friends from Prescott Learning Centre enjoyed their day hanging out with the PM team in our shop and learning all about the sign manufacturing process!

Interested to learn more about options and pricing for school signage? Contact us today!