Whether it’s an eye-catching roadside sign, your permanent storefront signage, temporary banners, or interior way-finding signs, having high-quality, purposeful signage is essential for any business. It enhances your brand and makes your business appear more professional, legitimate, and ultimately more successful.

There is definitely truth in the old adage “first impressions count”. Partially burnt out backlit signs, weather-worn exterior signage, and dated interior signage will leave customers with a less than favourable impression of your business… even if your service is great. Generally speaking, customers typically make value judgements, believing that a business’ signage is a good representation of the level of quality and service of the business itself.

As a business owner, of course you would want to put your best face forward! There are a number of notable benefits that are a result of great signage, here are a few:

– Sharp, well maintained signage is proven to attract new customers and create impulse sales from drawing in passersby. Recent studies have revealed that a majority of people have entered a business – that they have not visited before – simply based on its signs!

Nearly 76% of consumers said they had entered a store or business they had never visited before simply on its signs. 

– In addition to increasing sales, signage is a must for enforcing your brand. It helps to establish your business as a top-of-mind choice for customers. Having strategically placed, well designed signage that is simple and carries your branding elements, can do wonders in helping your customers form great perceptions of your company! 

Signs have been attributed to attracting up to 50% of a start-up business’ new customers.


– Signage is an effective form of advertising – advertising that is continuous; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Depending on your location, thousands of potential customers could be driving by your business every day – make sure that you are catching their eye.

The majority of local customers (35%) know about your business because they have seen your signage while passing by.