Calgary, Alberta


University of Calgary

Sign Type
  • Wayfinding

PM Signs Calgary worked with the University of Calgary to install directional signage throughout the campus and in their newest building, a 13-story student residence with classrooms and boardrooms on the lower levels. 140 signs were installed on campus. Ensuring they were placed in the best locations and that they were facing in optimal directions was a welcomed challenge for our team!

The project started with a safety and conduct orientation at the University. Once we had the rules down pat, we were ready to get started.

Exhaustive planning was necessary for this complex project. Most of the signage was directional (sometimes double-sided) and the signs ranged in shape and size (some up to 40-feet-wide!), so the logistics were challenging. We worked with the University and with Steel Art Signs, a sign manufacturing company out of Ontario, to pull it off. The University created detailed maps that outlined where we needed to place each sign and the sign’s proper orientation.

In total the project took about two months to complete. We worked on and off during that time, installing each group of signs as it was delivered to us.

In the end, we are very proud of the work we did with the University — now students, faculty and visitors can find their way around with ease!