Edmonton, Alberta


Neon Sign Museum

Sign Type
  • Neon

The City of Edmonton is proud to be the home of Canada’s first Neon Sign Museum.  The Museum is the brainchild of Urban Designer David Holdsworth who, more than a decade ago, saw a beat-up old sign being pulled off of the front of XL Furniture in Edmonton.  He rescued the sign from heading straight to the dump and years later has achieved a first in Canadian history by bringing Edmonton’s outdoor Neon Sign museum to fruition.

PM Signs is so proud to have been a part of this national achievement.  The glowing gallery hosts eight historic signs from around Edmonton that have been refurbished by local sign companies, the PM contribution being a refurbishment of that first sign that inspired Holdsworth to launch the initiative.

The wall is owned and donated by Telus and still has plenty of room for additional signs to be featured, space for 30 signs in total is available.  You can check out the museum at the corner of 104th St. and 104th Avenue in the capital city.

Nothing is as nostalgic as neon and PM Signs is proud to support the heritage of its headquarter’s hometown.