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What Is A Sign Cabinet?

A sign cabinet is a sign framed by a light metal material, and it has an easily removable, changeable face. They are often double sided but can also be single sided for placement directly on a building. They will usually be illuminated for easier nighttime viewing and are one of the most affordable choices a business has for advertising and marketing their brand. This sign type is also commonly referred to as box signs and wall signs.

How Big Is It?

Sign cabinets can be quite variable in size. Most will be multiple feet long and high, in order to be visible from some distance away. Smaller cabinet signs can be used to display posters or messages for clients and passersby, and this sign type is often used for directing traffic through fast food drive throughs. Interior sign cabinets tend to be smaller, since the font does not need to be as large and they are more commonly used for posters or messages instead of business advertising.

What Is It Made Of?

The most common material for sign cabinets is an extruded aluminum frame with a polycarbonate or acrylic face. The extruded aluminum is a highly durable material that is also easily workable into various shapes. It is therefore the ideal material for creating both standard rectangular sign cabinets, and custom shapes that are the best for marketing a company’s brand. Plus, the aluminum is easily colored to improve the aesthetic of the sign as a whole. The polycarbonate or acrylic face is ideal for sign cabinets because of how versatile and resistant they are. These material scan be used to create graphics and lettering in many colors and styles. They are some of the best materials for resisting fading from sun exposure and damage from elements. Since most sign cabinets are installed outdoors, they need to be durable enough to be appealing for years to come. They are the first thing people notice about a business, after all.

The other material factor to consider is the lighting structure in illuminated sign cabinets. Fluorescent lighting is still used today even though it isn’t as efficient as other sources, and that’s because of how effective it is at illuminating an entire sign to be seen from far distances. Another lighting option is LED lights. These are much more efficient that fluorescent lights and will have lower associated costs. If you are motivated to lower your carbon footprint and save some cash at the same time, LEDs are the right lighting material for you. The third option for lighting your sign is neon bulbs. These provide a very distinctive glow and are the best for attracting attention to your sign, especially at night in busy areas.

Why Is This Sign Type Needed?

The greatest reason that a business will need a sign cabinet is if they will have changeable content. A new coat of paint and a new face can transform an old sign into a brand new, more effective marketing tool for a business, and sign cabinets make that a very easy process. As a result, this will often be the sign type used in commercials plazas and malls to make turnover less of a hassle, or for businesses to leave a message for their customers (quote, phrase, hours, etc.). Sign cabinets are also one of the most affordable sign types, which are essential for new businesses and those without a lot of money to invest up front in more expensive sign types.

Sign cabinets are also one of the most versatile options. They can be used to advertise the name of a business, give clients extra information, display posters or messages, direct traffic through drive-throughs, and so much more.

When Was This Sign Type Invented and Why?

Sign cabinets have been used by storefronts and other businesses for years upon years. The reason for this is their simple manufacturing needs, affordability, and effectiveness. Landlords of commercial properties needed a way to minimize the costs associated with tenant turnover, and that’s where sign cabinets come in. They are durable, easy to make, and the faces are incredibly easy to replace when needed. Commissioning a brand new sign structure for each tenant could get pretty pricey, so it was better to just have a frame that never changed and simply replace the graphics to represent a new business.

Sign cabinets have improved greatly since their first use. There are many lighting options, mounting options, and nearly limitless opportunity for customization. They are used by every sector of business, both for indoor and outdoor signage needs. They are popular for a reason, and no one expects that to die down anytime in the near future.

Types of Sign Cabinets

One of the main ways to differentiate between different sign cabinets is by their illumination. Illuminated cabinet signs are lighted using fluorescent or LED lights. Fluorescent lights are generally brighter at night, but LED lighting is more affordable and has better longevity. Non-illuminated sign cabinets are more affordable and are still a great way to attract new customers; this type is just more suited to businesses that don’t stay open late since they’ll be harder to identify in the dark.

Single sided sign cabinets are the ones that sit flush against a building wall. They are used to advertise the business name and logo, and perhaps include some basic information like an address or telephone number. They can be illuminated or not, and will be more affordable than double sided sign cabinets since less material is required and they are simpler to construct.

Double sided sign cabinets will stand separate from a building or will be mounted on the roof. They allow the public to see the name of the business from multiple directions, are usually used along roadways to attract attention and generate more foot traffic. They can be illuminated in a variety of ways and still require minimal maintenance after installation.

Hinge framed sign cabinets are another popular choice for businesses. They are often used for displaying posters and message boards. The hinge makes it easy to change out the content when necessary, and the face covering ensures that the contents are safe from vandalism and cannot be damaged or affected by unfavorable weather conditions.

While most sign cabinets will be a box style, custom shaped sign cabinets are another option for your business. If you have a little extra money to spend and you really want to get your brand the recognition it deserves, custom shapes and graphics can do a lot to improve your success.

How Is A Sign Cabinet Made?

Nearly every sign cabinet will be made the same way. Different types of sign cabinets will have certain elements added or adjusted, but the base process will always be the same. Let’s investigate.

What Is the Manufacturing Process Like?

Sign cabinet manufacturing begins with building the frame. It is nearly always composed of extruded aluminum. Based on the design criteria, pieces of extruded aluminum will be welded together to form the main frame. Simple rectangular sign cabinets are simpler to make because the aluminum is already in the right shape (i.e. straight and flat), but custom designs will require some manipulation before the welding process takes place. The frame will have channels at their surfaces to allow the face to sit securely within the frame. The channels can be on one side or both depending on what type of sign cabinet is being made. Lastly, paint will be applied to the frame if desired.

Once the frame is made, it’s time to get to work on the face of the sign cabinet. This component is nearly always made of either acrylic, polycarbonate, or a combination of the two materials. The face can be painted onto the material, but more often the graphics are applied by machine and are made of vinyl. These materials are highly durable and resistant to fading and damage from the abuses that occur outdoors. The face will be secured into the frame once the graphics are added, and then the sign is complete. That is, unless it is meant to be illuminated.

If the sign cabinet is one that will incorporate lighting elements, these components will be installed before the face is combined with the frame. All of the wiring will be secured and connected to the lights built into the inner surface of the face. It will later be connected to a power source on the target building.

How Can Sign Cabinets Be Customized?

Nearly every element of a sign cabinet can be customized, and that’s part of the reason they are so popular for so many different sectors of business. One of the largest features you have control over as a business owner is the type of sign cabinet you get. Depending on how you would like to advertise your business, you can choose a single sided sign cabinet to install over your main doorway, a double sided sign cabinet to mount on a pole or side mount to your building, or any other type of sign cabinet you feel would suit your business.

You also get to decide what shape the sign is. Most are rectangular, but there really aren’t any limitations on shape so you can have it designed as your logo, or just something unique to help grab attention and promote what your business is about.

One major decision you’ll have to make is whether you get your sign cabinet illuminated or not. It will slightly increase the cost and maintenance needs since the lighting materials will be required and you’ll have slightly higher utility expenses to power it. However, illuminated signs will generate more business if you stay open late, so the initial investment and extra maintenance pays off in the long run.

Although you won’t have much say in the materials used because most sign cabinets have the same composition, you will have complete control over the content. Whether you want simply your business name, a logo, extra graphics, contact information, or anything else on the sign, it can be done.

What Is the Price Range?

Sign cabinets are one of the most affordable sign types a business can purchase. Since the material requirements are simple and cost-effective, and manufacturing is fairly simple, there aren’t large costs associated with its production no matter the size. Custom signs will cost more, though. You can expect to pay less than $1000 typically.

Our Sign Cabinet Manufacturing Service

If you choose PM Signs for your sign cabinet manufacturing needs, we guarantee that we’ll stay true to your vision and only use the best materials for your project. We are dedicated to producing pieces that represent your business with style, integrity, and as many artistic pieces as you’d like to incorporate. Sign cabinets are popular choices for a reason, and we know how important they can be for advertising and generating interest in your business. That’s why we take the utmost care to produce a high quality, durable product.

If you aren’t sure what sign cabinet elements would best represent your business, we have a highly qualified design team at your disposal. With decades of experience in the business, we know that we can walk you through every step of the process, from design to manufacturing to installation. We promise to make things as easy for you as they can be, and to keep you involved and aware of the progress as we make it. When, and only when, you are happy with the final product, our certified installation team will ensure a safe and secure mount to your building. If you need electrical maintenance performed after installation, our company can take care of those needs too.

Our sign cabinet manufacturing process ensures that your custom sign is completed on time and without error. Plus, we’ll stick to your budget without fail. We understand how important your sign is to your business, and that’s why your business is important to us.