As a true reflection of the typical Canadian lifestyle, Canadian Tire has built a reputation in communities across our nation as being the place that has basically everything you need; no matter if you are a skilled craftsman, a novice cook, an athlete, or a person with some serious car problems, receiving a Canadian Tire gift card is always exciting. Excellent marketing, customer service, targeted advertising, regionally specific product offerings and an unshakable customer base have made this company ubiquitous with everyday life in the great white north.

On June 1, 2015, Canadian Tire opened a brand new store in south Edmonton that spans a staggering 140,000 square feet, and includes not one, but two floors stocked with everything from cookware to fishing rods, pet toys to automotive accessories. Not only is the sheer size and product selection of this store impressive, but it also boasts a cutting-edge roster of interactive digital tools that help further engage with their loyal customer base, including an innovative ‘virtual patio’ and driving simulator.

If you have ever been inside a standard Canadian Tire, you can probably imagine what it would be like to find a specific product or section without effective signage. Now imagine doing the same thing in a store three times its size, with an additional floor, a sprawling showroom, advanced automotive department, drive-through window, and massive warehouse! Ensuring the store was navigable and perfectly branded made the finishing touches of signage an intrinsic element that brought it all together.

PM Signs provided the complete installation of all exterior and interior signage, including LED channel lettering, pylon, and directional signage. Being able to deliver within a tight deadline was essential for the success of this project. Launching a flagship store of this calibre required the highest level of product quality, professionalism, project management, and industry knowledge. We worked very closely with the Manufacturer and General Contractor in order to exceed expectations and to deliver exceptional results. We are extremely proud to have been trusted and involved in the development of this iconic, world-class store.

Sit back and enjoy a virtual tour of the new store below.