Roughly six dozen businesses in the Old Strathcona area in the City of Edmonton will be called upon this summer to start the process of revamping their exterior signs to coincide with a look of days past. The days long time past to be exact, as the aesthetic stipulations that the businesses will be asked to abide by are those of 1912. 

Signs in Old Strathcona must reflect the 1912 character of the area, said Robert Geldart, senior heritage planner for the city. “We want signs that have individual letters, individually backlit letters and projection signs that fit within the character of 1912,” Geldart said.*

The City of Edmonton made the announcement on Monday. In partnership with the Old Strathcona Business Association and the Old Strathcona Foundation the city will be informing business owners in the area about specific guidelines to be followed for all exterior signage. 

The area of Old Strathcona is a provincially protected heritage area, one of only two in the province of Alberta which is something to be quite proud of for the city. In order to preserve and maintain the heritage look of the area, the city and the related organizations want to help local businesses comply with the guidelines for a look and feel of days gone by.

As experts in the field our team at PM Signs couldn’t agree more. We believe that the sign at the front door of the business is its calling card to the world. 

Beyond marking where your business is located your sign should be marketing your business as well. 

Furthermore your sign also needs to comply with the city guidelines for signs in your business area. Hiring a professional team like our crew at PM Signs ensures that sign permits are in place and that all city guidelines and by-laws are being followed.

In the case of the Old Strathcona area, the City of Edmonton has dictated that signs must follow the aesthetic of what the city would have looked like in 1912. This is a task our team at PM Signs is ready to assist with. PM signs offers full-scale design, manufacturing and installation services to all of our clients. In the past we have completed many projects where the sign design would suit these pre-determined standards and would look forward to more projects with a nostalgic twist in the future. Browse through some recent projects in the gallery below.

Contact us today to see how we can help on your next sign project, nostalgic style or not our team is ready to help!

* Mah, Bill, Edmonton Journal. (June 23, 2015). Old Strathcona merchants urged to get their signs in line [News Article]. Retrieved from