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What Is A Monument Sign?

PM Monument Signs

Monument signs are essentially free-standing landmarks placed at entrances and along streets. They help people find your business along a roadway and can provide great advertisement for your location for commuters. They are built at eye level with no space between it and the ground, and they can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes. Both graphic design and architectural factors will be important when designing monument signs.

How Big Is It?

Monument signs are generally quite a few feet in both length and height, and a foot or more in width. These signs are large because they need to be highly visible to pedestrians and drivers. They mark the location of a business, and since you don’t want your business being overlooked or people missing appointments because they can’t find the location, the identifying sign needs to be large and obvious. Every monument sign will vary in shape and size, but all of them will be highly noticeable.


What Is It Made Of?

The materials used for monument signs have increased in diversity quite substantially since they were first used. Originally, they were made almost exclusively of brick and mortar. Now, there are alternative choices such as stone, pre-formed foam that imitates brick and stucco, panels, and stainless steel. You can also use concrete, aluminum or other metals, or plastic. Essentially, any durable material that is weather-resistant can be used to create a monument sign, and more often than not, multiple materials will be combined for the perfect design.

Why Is This Sign Type Needed?

Monument signs are essential for telling people where your business is. Especially if the building is hidden by a long driveway or terrain, or in the middle of a busy location, a monument sign can make the difference between someone finding the business and not. Monument signs allow you to advertise your business 24/7, direct people to your location (i.e. clients), and leave a positive, lasting impression on everyone who sees it.


Monument signs are also the perfect avenue to provide people with some quick information about your business, including its name, logo, and the address. Digital monuments can also share upcoming events or small newsworthy pieces of information with visitors.


Monument signs also make great landmarks that leave lasting impressions on people who see them. They are often used to direct people around a city, even if the business is not the goal destination. No matter what context your monument sign is used in, it leaves a lasting impression on the people who drive past it. They are durable and low maintenance marketing tools for every kind of business and property/location.

When Was This Sign Type Invented and Why?

Monument signs have been around for decades, and they were first used to mark significant locations like cultural and geographical points of interest. They are durable and resistant to all inclement patters. Combine those features with low maintenance needs, and you have a recipe for a perfect sign with longevity. They began as simple designs made of brick or stone, with lettering carved into them. Over the years, they have expanded considerably and are one of the most popular, most customizable types of signs today.


Monument signs quickly transitioned into a more useful purpose as the economy expanded; helping people locate businesses. Before monument signs, people frequently got lost or simply could not find a business. To combat this struggle, monument signs were designed to be large and highly visible, even from distances. This allows drivers to get into position with an adequate amount of time to make the turnoff. They were also useful for directing people to the right locations on big properties, such as malls and industrial facilities with multiple roads and parking lots. Monument signs are great tools for boosting the visibility and exposure of a business while providing a great navigation system at the same time.


Types of Monument Signs

There are many different types of monument signs if you consider the materials they are made with. You can have options such as aluminum plates mounted to stone or brick, concrete foundation signs, pillar monument signs made of concrete, stone or brick, and even light box monument signs.


The stylistic options for monument signs are also another way you can categorize the different types. You can have monument signs that are a standard shape and have basic lettering, you can have monuments that are in the shape of the business logo, and even monuments that allow for multi-tenant identification.


Different monument types also have different levels of illumination. Some monuments are only visible during the day because there is no illumination installed, some have reflective pieces, others have spotlights, and others still include front lit or back lit lettering.


One last way to distinguish different monument types is by their display type. Most monuments are static, as in they have a set lettering on the monument and it never changes. This lettering displays the name of the business and usually an address. The business logo may also be included. The other display type is digital. More monuments are being designed with a digital display built in to allow businesses to share additional information with their visitors such as events and news. Monuments with displays are popular for schools and hotels.

How Is A Monument Made?

Monument signs require a lot of heavy materials and therefore machinery, which makes them quite unique when it comes to sign types. They can come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials, so let’s explore some aspects of their manufacturing process.


What Is the Manufacturing Process Like?

Every monument sign is fabricated by a different process, so it can be difficult to just list a common set of steps and tell you that’s how every monument will be constructed. There is a general process that is followed for every monument, so even though the specifics will vary quite substantially depending on the design and materials chosen, let’s delve into that.


Monument manufacturing begins with a high-quality design based of a client’s wishes and the permit regulations in place for the location. Once the design is approved, the materials will be gathered. Sometimes, special contractors like masons will be called in to help work certain materials into the monument shape. Sometimes materials like concrete and stone will form the entire monument, other times it will be just the base material. If there are additional pieces to be added on top of a foundation, they will typically be made of metal like steel or aluminum; these will be manufactured separately and then securely installed on top of the base. If the heavy bae material is the entirety of the monument sign, then the lettering will be directly secured to that surface. Those are the simplest signs to make because they can be made in one piece and are less difficult to transport and install as a result.


Monuments that incorporate lighting systems will require an electrician to set them up and ensure they are weatherproof. If spotlight systems are used, they will need to be positioned correctly and tested onsite to ensure the entire sign is visible at night. Illuminated letters will be manufactured separately and then installed on the completed monument as one of the last steps.


No matter what monument style is chosen and what materials are used, weatherproofing and durability are two important features that need to be considered. Monuments with stone or brick bases should have some sort of cap on their vulnerable corners and edges to prevent water damage as much as possible; these are their most vulnerable areas.

How Can Monuments Be Customized?

There are quite a few characteristics of monument signs that you are able to customize. The most obvious is the size. While all monument signs will be visible at eye level, the height and width is adjustable depending on your vision and style. You can also have a lot of fun with the style of your monument sign, because with an experienced manufacturer, the options are essentially limitless.


Another important consideration is whether your monument sign will be single sided or double sided. If you will be installing your monument sign right next to a building or with a very unique style, a single sided sign is definitely adequate. However, if it will be along a roadway, a double-sided sign is ideal for the aesthetic factor and in order for it to be visible to both directions of traffic.


Another thing you can customize is the illumination level. Many monument signs have some level of illumination, whether the letters themselves are illuminated for better visibility at night or the entire monument has some lighting features (like spotlights) strategically placed to brighten the sign and draw attention to it in the dark. You can even have a digital screen built into your monument to broadcast additional information to visitors.


All aesthetic details such as font style, size, and colour can be customized, as well as the building materials and any images or logos. You get to choose where you place it on your property and what extra features it will include (such as the street address or contact information). You can also add additional features such as reflective pieces, unique color schemes, and pleasing finishes on the letters. Essentially, the customization of monument signs is infinite.

What Is the Price Range?

Monument signs are one of the pricier options due to their material. They run between $150 per square foot to $400 per square foot. The average will be around $270 per square foot, but there are ways to make them more affordable, and also increase their value. The size and complexity of the monument sign are the two largest influencers over the final price. In total, you can expect to pay between $5,500 and $16,000 for a typical monument sign. Some additional factors that can influence the cost are the presence and level of illumination, whether the face is double sided or single sided, and what type of installation is required. It is important that you settle on a budget before the manufacturing process begins so there are no surprises later.


Our Monument Manufacturing Service

Whether you are interested in a single sided, double sided, or illuminated monument sign, we can help you achieve your goals. We have years of experience crafting monument signs for various business sectors, and we are willing to work with you to give you the monument you want with a budget you can afford. No matter how detailed or intricate you want the face of your monument, how large you would like the cabinet, or how complex the installation will be, we guarantee top performance that you can rely on.


If you decide to go with an illuminated monument sign, you’ll never have to worry about hiring outside contractors to maintain it. We offer electrical services through our PM Electric division; we promise to maintain and repair the electrical work on your sign for as many years as you’ll allow us the privilege. You are more than a client to us, so we promise to uphold the quality and experienced workmanship that you will come to expect from our company.


From design, to manufacturing, to installation, to maintenance, PM Signs will always hold your best interests as our top priority. Our team will keep you involved at every step of the process and ensure you are completely happy with the designs and final product. If you decide later you want to make some changes, we will be more than happy to accommodate that and give you a sign that you will be proud of for years to come.


Our monument manufacturing process ensures that your custom sign is completed on time and without error. Plus, we’ll stick to your budget without fail. We understand how important your sign is to your business, and that’s why your business is important to us.