Neon signs have character. They are bold, bright, and kitschy. For some brands, neon is exactly the aesthetic they are going for. But, let’s face it, neon signs have a tonne of downsides from sustainability to maintainability. 

Flexible LED tubing, mounted with clips to a contoured aluminum backer will achieve the look of a neon sign but with all the added benefits of LED, including:

Less energy consumption

LED signs use significantly less electricity than neon signs.

Reduced environmental impact

LEDs contain no argon or mercury and are widely considered the most sustainable lighting option.

Cost savings

LEDs are more expensive initially but they provide substantial long term savings. They require basically no maintenance and you’re saving in reduced repair costs. Neon signs will eventually lose all of the neon inside the glass tubes which means you have to completely replace your signage.

Colour options

LEDs produce a wide range of colours. They come in white and any other colour one could want. 

Brightness and clarity

LEDs provide crisp lines whereas neons tend to appear blurry from a distance. 

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