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Electrical Services

PM Electrical Signs

At PM Signs, we take being a full-service sign service very seriously, and that means we don’t hand over any of the work to outside contractors. Everything is designed and manufactured in house, so we have a specialized team of electrical technicians that help design, manufacture, install, and repair the electrical components of our custom signs.

Why Choose Electric Signs?

Our custom electric signs are bright, attention-grabbing works of art that improve your exposure to customers, draw attention to important messages like “exit here” or “don’t touch this very dangerous thing,” and get more people to notice your business. Flashy works, and our electrical services ensure that you’re flashier than the businesses around you. We help your brand stand out so that you can reach every customer possible.


Since electric signs are much more advanced now than they used to be, they can be used to advertise your business and share relevant information to your customers in a more attractive manner than more traditional sign types. Electric signs are as customizable as any other sign type, and the technology used today is much safer. Neon signs in particular attract great amounts of attention since they are bright, colourful, and 3D. these bright signs also hold attention for longer, so you will attract more walk-in business since people notice your sign for long enough to decide to go inside.


Lighted signs are much more visible at night as well, so customers will easily spot your business where others blend into silhouettes of buildings. Plus, they’re customizable and can develop your brand’s image as well as any non-electric signage. For example, you can choose backlit signs, LED signs, neon signs, use light boxes, cabinet signs, and so much more. These lit signs are also the go-to for any safety signage you may need to install, and we can custom-make those as well.

Our Electrical Signs

There are many different ways to electrify and brighten your signage. Even if you choose a stagnant sign like a billboard, you can add strategic lighting that makes it more noticeable. If you’re installing a new stop sign after someone ran it down, why not light up the border to make it more noticeable? If you struggle to reach walk-in customers, a flashing neon sign in the window can change that around. No matter what your reason is for wanting a brighter, more noticeable sign, there is a sign type and electrical service that will work for you.


Our lit signs can be found in a variety of styles including LED bar lights, neon word signs, neon sculptures or pictures, backlit signage, channel lights, and more. Though often thought of only for business purposes, smaller neon signs can make outstanding home pieces as well, whether as a gift or as a statement piece in your own home. These signs are incredibly effective at drawing a crowd, so they’re the perfect choice whether you want to advertise a new product, share important information about your business (hello, we’re open!), provide safety information, or even provide a place for the twenty-somethings to take their selfies outside your place of business.


No matter which type of sign you decide is best for your business/purpose, we will custom design it so that it fits your vision perfectly. You can decide on its size, the text/image, colours, font or style, and so much more. Our creative designers and skilled manufacturers can handle any complexity you desire.

Our Electrical Services

Our electrical services eliminate the need for outside contractors. We electrical team is full-service, so we handle everything from petroleum construction/maintenance and control panel design/fabrication to LED retrofit packages and full electrical sign hookups for your custom lighted signs. Our technicians are licensed and certified to install electric signs safely and in compliance with all regulations.


Petroleum Construction and Maintenance

We provide custom electrical construction and maintenance services to all of our clients when we install signs at commercial locations. It is crucial for your business that your sign stays lit at all times, so this service ensures that there is no down time for your electrical signs. Whether you need initial construction, emergency repairs, regular maintenance, or monitoring, we’ve got your back.


Control Panel Design and Fabrication

Any electrical installation requires a dedicated control panel for controlling the flow and capacity of electricity. We ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations when designing and fabricating custom control panels that work for your specific setup. We handle the design, setup, testing, and installation of all custom control panels ranging from single systems to multi-panel blocks and control stations. During installation, we’ll perform testing to ensure it works perfectly before we leave to guarantee the quality of the system we’ve set up.

LED Retrofit Packages

LED retrofit kits are an affordable and simpler solution when looking to conserve energy and modernize your light fixtures. These kits enhance the performance and appearance of your older lighting fixtures to improve efficiency and achieve a better aesthetic for your customers or your home. We’ll help you decide on the right kit for your space, and we’ll deliver and install the kit for you. This way, you spend more time doing what needs doing, and you can be confident that your new system is installed safely and up to industry standards and regulations.


Full Electrical Sign Hookups

Of course, we also handle the installation of your electrical signs. This includes installing the pieces to your wall, setting up internal connections to your power source, and performing testing and quality checks every step of the way to guarantee your satisfaction and a working sign. We ensure that all wires are hidden from view to achieve a stylish, seamless finish that draws attention for all the right reasons.


Our electrical sign hookups are affordable, efficient, and respectful of your schedule – you tell us when you want your sign installed, and we’ll make it work.